Nicki Rogers - It's always fun working with singer songwriters and particularly enjoyable when I'm married to the artist in question. The branding and redesign of Nicki's site attempt to capture her folky musical style and stay faithful to her previous album artwork. Visit the site here
Sacred Flame Ministries Website
Sacred Flame Ministries is a small Christian missionary charity. Sacred Flame needed a brand and a website that would faithfully represent the work they do throughout the world. One of the most important things is that visitors to the site would be impressed that the charity was more farsighted and more effective than they previously thought. Visit the site here
The Contextual Theology Centre
The Contextual Theology Centre is a research group and think tank focused on social justice in east London. The goal of rebrand and site redesign was to make the branding properly represent the diverse and contemporary engagement of the CTC. The site is creating using a third party Wordpress theme. Visit the site here
Alastair Beaton Copywriter
Alastair Beaton is an award winning copywriter. This site was designed as a portfolio site to show off his creative talent and express his individuality. Visit the site here
Web design


Most sites that I have designed are created from scratch using html and CSS. They provide the client with a unique site built to their requirements. For larger content management sites I use Wordpress themes, which I customise to fit the clients needs.


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